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The company was founded in 1995 in Lunen (Germany), in the heart of North Rhine -Westphalia. The company produces manual resuscitators and a wide range of products for oxygen therapy. For years of company's working on the market there have been successfully bred such brands as AEROtube®, AERObag®, AEROvent®, AEROpart® etc. The company produces high-quality products that comply with standards Deutsches Institut fur Normung (DIN). Excellent ratio of quality & price has earned recognition and enduring popularity among professionals in Europe. Enterprise produces: manual resuscitators, anesthesiological masks, laryngeal airway masks, laryngoscope blades and handles, ventilation tubing systems, breathing bags, adapters and connectors, bacterial-/ virafilters, HME, oxygen cannulas, water traps, humidification chambers, oxygen masks, PEEP valves, aerosol-inhalation masks, PBM pocket masks, fingertip pulse oximeters, emergency bags and backpacks, etc.

Date and place of creation: 1992, Medolla (Bologna, Italy). The company occupies a leading position in the Italian, European, Russian, Euro-Asian and South American markets in the development and manufacture of biopsy needles and other special tools for diagnosis. Successfully competes with producers from the U.S., offering high quality affordable counterparts.

Date and place of creation: 1980, Warsaw (Poland). The Company is recognized not only in Poland, but also in medium-East Europe as the leader in the manufacture of disposable medical products for anesthesia and intensive care, dialysis, surgery, gynecology, cardiology, radiology and urology. Significant success has been achieved in the production of coronary, peripheral and self-expanding stents.

Date and place of creation: 2007, Taiwan. The company specializes in manufacture of products for respiratory systems: closed suction systems, tracheostomy tubes, anesthesiological masks. Despite the relatively short period of existence in the global medical market, in 2013 tracheostomy tube Vitaltec’s company won the bronze medal in the category "Products for Resuscitation and First Aid" in well-known contest called «Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA)». The main principles of the company are - Quality, Safety, Efficiency and Innovation. All products comply with international quality standards.

Date and place of creation: 1988, Poland. Company is a leading manufacturer of sterile disposable medical equipment. More than 20 years of experience in the medicine market allows to represent equipment and supplies of the highest quality. Products are constantly being improved, and company is searching more successful solutions to meet market needs. Employees do their best to accommodate the wishes and needs of customers, often producing products for special order. Wide range of products includes: reinforced tracheal tubes, bronchial tube and tracheostomy tubes, wires, laryngeal masks, catheters, connectors and drains. The high quality of the products confirmed the European CE certificate of conformity according to European Union Directive 93/42/EEC.

Date and place of creation: 1936, Lausanne (Switzerland). In 1958 there was a significant expansion of the range, including open production line of needles for taking biopsies of various organs, surgery needles, adapters, etc. All products are made of high-strength stainless steel and provide medical reuse. The enterprise uses laser technology in metal processing. For this reason, needle retains quality sharpening tip for years.

Date and place: 1978, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales (UK). A leading UK manufacturer of products for anesthesia, respiratory therapy and resuscitation: breathing filters, breathing tubes for anesthesia and ventilation, products for oxygen and aerosol therapy.

The world's largest manufacturer of medical disposables in the middle price segment. The company was founded in Denmark in 1964, focuses on the creation of original design and use of proprietary technologies. In 2009 the company Unomedical was renamed to the company ConvaTec. Wide range of products for all branches of medicine.

The company was founded in Switzerland in 1971 as a small private company, but today it is one of the leading manufacturer of equipment for medicine and dentistry in its class.

Date and place of creation: 1890, Stuttgart (Germany). Family business, today is managed descendant of one of the founders of the company - Ms. Regina Kirchner. Product range consists of diagnostic tools and aids ambulance: laryngoscopes, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and diagnostic kits. In addition, the range includes products for the diagnosis: examination lights, pressure gauges, phonendoscopes, neurological hammers, tuning forks and etc.